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Yet another noob seeking advice

Hi all. I've been considering buying a device to read ebooks for awhile, and I was very happy to find this forum. Lots and lots of good advice here... but not quite enough to enable me to make my decision without some personal help. Thanks in advance.

My specifics:
  • I'm a total gadget freak. I love cool toys. Therefore I'd like something with a large "wow" factor and lots of nifty features.
  • To a large extent, money is no object. I'm willing to pay what it takes to get the best device possible for my needs.
  • A lot of the material I want to read is in PDF... for example, I have a number of books I purchased from the Pragmatic Programmers. These are all essentially typeset books in digital form. My device needs to either have a large enough screen to display a full page legibly, be able to reasonably reformat PDFs that aren't really made to be reformatted, or have an easy-to-use and convenient scroll feature. (Something like what the iPhone's version of Safari uses when zoomed in would be sufficient.)
  • I will never, under any circumstances, ever ever ever purchase a product manufactured by Sony. The reasons for this are not really on-topic for here... I'll go into them if anyone's curious, but if not, suffice it to say that the Sony Reader is not an option.

I'm considering going with the Samsung Q1 Ultra. Drawbacks include: I kind of wish that the screen were larger, and I have concerns about battery life. I'm also thinking about going with a slab-style tablet PC... seems like that form factor would make a great e-reading device, although the battery life problem might be even worse. The new big-screen Hanlin might be an option, although I think the refresh time for an e-ink display might drive me nuts. Also, I'm really not very good at waiting, and it's my understanding that the Hanlin (or any of the other 9" e-ink devices) isn't expected until June at the earliest.

So, to make a long story short (too late), does anyone have any experience using either the Q1 or a tablet PC as an ebook reader? Any comments on what it's like? Does anyone have any recommendations for devices based on my requirements?

Thanks very much for any help. This forum has already helped me a great deal, and I look forward to any advice people can offer.
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