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Rhale: I like eInk a lot for long term reading. I'm not quite as taken with this one but I've used a number of dedicated e-readers. My personal favorite is the Kindle 3 for readability, form, resolution, contrast, and well just the nice feeling you get when the reading device goes away and the story is the thing. I haven't gotten that yet with the PE but I'll give it some time.

Synergi: Actually on mine there's sort of a dead spot along the margins. I'm not as crazy about the hand-annotation as I thought I would be, but others have had better experiences. A better pen might help (the one they give you is tiny, like a Nintendo DS stylus).

Update: I spent some time in Docs to Go with the $10 keyboard. Most of the keys work; some so strange things, although I like the fact that F1 is the menu shortcut. However, while I was typing I suddenly got a SHUTTING DOWN message. Apparently some key combination actually shuts the PE down. WTH... as if it's not bad enough that the HOME key is right next to the Backspace, and actually takes you out of the Home screen! This was extremely frustrating. I haven't been able to reproduce it yet so I don't know how it happened.

On the SD card swap, I had a problem earlier when the SD card was just not recognized. I decided I'd had enough and rebuilt the fstab files (mount internal or whatever they're called, not just fstab). I figured this would stick the SDCard folder back into the EMM (internal) partition, while I figured out what was wrong with the card. When I rebooted, the SDCard was pointed back at the Inserted SDCard. Very very strange. I rebooted again in case this was a weird case of a mount option failing to register until two reboots, but it still seems to work. So while I still can't move applications to the card, at least I have 16GB default card storage instead of 3. Note: I think this happened after I used a setting option to move the library to the SDCard. The funny thing about this is when you execute the commsnd, the eInk side tells you that you are moving files and not to shut down, while the LCD tells you the device is shutting down. Someone really needed a human factors engineer.
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