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Originally Posted by Triskalleon View Post
The YouTube application works great. Nothing has crashed or borked. I don't need Gmail on ANOTHER device, so I'll let somebody else test that one.

Market starts, takes username/password, tries to connect for a long time, and then says it's unreachable and that I might want to get data provisioning. I have a USB stick modem on Verizon - wonder if I could fake it out with that?

Ereader side still works - can advance and make text selection.

Car Home starts, stalls on waiting for location. I have a Bluetooth GPS. Wonder if THAT will work with it? Don't know if I could actually see this in the car anyway. Navigation, Maps also want location.

Google Speak works - understood the phrase "find an arrow"

What else can I check?
Wow, gee, so many brave souls, thanks
Finally some good news regarding ereader. That was my biggest concern.
Now, let's take it slowly: USB modems never been reported to work on Ermine. I suggest to leave it for later - at this point it just waste of time.

Bluetooth GPS has been claimed to be working - it's worth to try. Check archive on how to install GPS.
Now, can you get me logcat while trying Market? That would be of great help. Thanks again.
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