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Originally Posted by skaboytd View Post
I tried the update on a clean 1.6 system. The system seemed to update just fine. Added a lot of the Gapps as well as some HTC apps from the CyanogenMod. The system would allow me to add a gmail account now but would never connect to the Google servers. This problem has happened with other attempts to add the Gapps to the eDGe. I tried the youtube fix and that did allow me to add a gmail account to my system but the market app and gmail app crashed when opened. I ran the golden update and reset the system.

I will work with it more and see what I can come up with. I do have to say to many phone apps in this build.
Thanks for giving it a shot
As I asked already: if any app, which are unique to eDGe, got broken?
If not we can proceed reasonably safely.
I see you successfully backed up - that a very good sign.
If too many apps that's not a problem - I'll remove extras. Especially, if you can point out which of them specific to HTC and/or phone - I don't have any Android phone to compare. BTW, the device recognized by Windows as HTC Dream. So, it's not too far.
Now, it would be extremely useful if you can get logcat for failed attempt to connect to gmail or market. Thanks.
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