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Device: Kindle 3/Sony PRS-300/Nook Color running CM7/P eDGe
Market Update: I flashed my Droid to CM6.12 FroYo and grabbed all of the recommended apps via Titanium Backup and converting to user/system as per the XDA-Developers thread, using a dummy account so that if it worked I could just post the files. Unfortunately Market still did not work; you can browse and select, but the files never downloaded. Talk also gives a constant sync error. All of the other apps seem to work properly, however. I may give it another shot, simply grabbing every Google app that comes standard on the Droid build to see if something was missing. I know people have gotten this to work.

Swapping sdcard and extsdcard was simple; anyone who's ever fiddled with fstab shouldn't have a problem. However, getting link2SD to work has not been so easy. Part of the problem is I'm not at home, MiniTool Partition runs on an XP box right now, and XP boxes seem to always puke when trying to create/manipulate an ext3 partition. Eventually I grabbed an old img file for the Nook Color, deleted all but two partitions (including a 980MB ext3 is position 2), and resized the FAT32 partition out and inserted that. The device still refused to see any of it, so for now I'm just going to wipe it all back to FAT32 and put it in reverse mount (as sdcard). I may play with it this weekend if I feel like it, formatting the SDCard in Linux.

There's a limit as to how far I'm willing to experiment to get things working, however, and that more than anything really gets me annoyed with the attitude of Entourage on developers, especially Robot and jcase. I can spend days trying to do relatively simple things like moving apps to SD (something that should just work in 2.2), enable GApps, and get the filesystem to behave like, well, a filesystem. But I shouldn't have to, at this point. In this phase of a product's lifecycle I should be flashing into a community mod ROM and playing with voltage settings and power governors to extend the battery, with no worries about bricking as long as I'm a keypress away from ClockworkMod. And Entourage should be sitting in their offices reaping the benefits of a community ROM they don't even have to support.

Oh well.

I think I'm going to probably flash the OS back to ermine, or else just exploit all the Google stuff out of it for now (so it stops beeping at me and my Amazon apps stop asking for Market updates they can't get) and try to play with it as it is, and see how it works with only the barest minimum of modifications. Because I don't think there will be much more than the bare minimum without an SDK.
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