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Test of the Bluefire G2 part 2

As I promised you I would test the other functionalities of the Bluefire G2.

HD video out
The HD video output really is a great feature. It took me a time to figure out how to do it (there is a user manual included, but I never read them ), but once I got it working I was very impressed.

Even on the screen of the tablet itself (only 800x480) the video playback is really nice. I am looking into the option of attaching it in my car's seat so my children can watch video's while driving. Not sure how to do this yet though.

Having used all of the pre-installled apps now, I have to say I am really satisfied with the selection. Sure there are some specific apps that I am interested in that are not installed (like Dropbox) but for the majority of tasks you really do not need to install anything, as the tablet plays it out of the box.

Final verdict
I have to say I am very happy about my purchase. The Bluefire G2 is very solid (I did not have a single crash with any of the apps), responsive and quite compact. I have noticed that I am using it almost daily, often to quickly look up something on the web, check my e-mail or to play a quick round of Angry Birds. It is not a replacement of my laptop, but I am not sure if any tablet will be. I in any case can only recommend this tablet.
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