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@Under the Covers

Your feature sounds like a sensible addition. To save me the need to brainstorm the various ways such footers and headers might appear and be identified, please can you list several examples of the following:
  1. The headers as they appear, with some context (surrounding text/lines). Please list several so I can see how page# or odd and even pages might change the header. It of course would also help to provide such examples from different books, as they may change appearance from book to book.
  2. The same for footers.

To adress your need of it being intuitive for non-programmers (and even for programmers, to avoid the need to write complex expressions), I think I will make it attempt to automaticly match general cases; then provide a list of matches where the user can choose which to replace/remove. Sound good?

I can't know for certain when I will implement it, but I will try within the next several weeks.

@Kovid, anyone.
  1. How do you do regex searches in webkit? (javascript? is there a way?)
  2. How do you do general search and replace in webkit, especcially considering the fact that the text may be spread across several elements (ex. italic, bold and p)?
  3. For some reason, I can't get images to show in webkit. I am using, for example, webkit.setContent(data, baseUrl=QtCore.QUrl('D:\\TestA')) where the baseUrl is the folder containing the original html (of course, it was converted to data, but the image src attrib remains the same). I also tried using baseUrl=QtCore.QUrl('D:\\TestA\\index.html), where I used the name of the html as part of the baseUrl. What am I doing wrong?

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