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Originally Posted by Iņigo View Post
For pdf and epub files, UDS will overwrite every changed field if they don't match with what it reads from the books metadata. There is a hack in Mackx's DR1000 hack to block UDS writing but it's not present in DR800+ yet.
Ah, didn't realize that... Somehow I had it in my mind that it was the reverse, and that in the past I had gone in to an already indexed pdf to set an author and that it hadn't been reindexed until I deleted it and then copied it back... It's mostly encrypted PDFs where the metadata can't be changed without corrupting the pdf where I can't just alter the pdf/epub before copying (Calibre does this itself usually)

Originally Posted by Iņigo View Post
Adding many .metadata and .cover files will pollute the file system with may new files. Also .cover files will be inserted in global.db as valid documents.
I remember there being a blacklist of file extensions hard coded in to the indexer that get hidden... That's why I was thinking .cover even though it would really be a .png or .jpg, so that it wouldn't break indexing images...

If you put all thousand of your books in a single directory the 3x number of files would probably be trouble on FAT32, but calibre puts them in /Books/Author/ (and I organized my books similarly before calibre came along) which limits the number of files in any single directory.
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