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Talking Thanks to chaley!

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
You're welcome But, you should thank chaley, that was his idea.
Oh great, now I feel obligated to donate to Charles!

Seriously, though, thanks to Charles also I'll get some money to both Charles and Kovid when I get my next disability check.

Now for another request...

There's really no reason to show the URL in the main window, so I have the new columns squished down to a minimum width just to know if something in is the field or not. It makes knowing which books still need the ISFDB or Baen link easier to see on the main window. But if the "Show Checkmark" checkbox option could be changed to work with a field being empty or not (or a "Show Checkmark If Not Empty" option is added, or perhaps a "Show Checkmark if HTML code is used" option), for whether to show an X or a checkmark, it would look a lot nicer in the display

Right now, I have to add a second column for each id and check for empty Yes or No, to get a checkmark or X displayed.

It's not an imperative request, just something that would be nice Maybe some time when you're bored you could make the change...


*EDIT* Actually, I found that either a green checkmark, or nothing (rather than the red X) looks best, so I went with this for the second column:
{#isfdb:test(yes, )}

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