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Originally Posted by defyboy View Post
I do have a suggestion however, Most PDF's have whitespace around the outside, I find them that much more readable when I can zoom in a small amount, however when doing this, I loose the ability to change pages easily, I need to zoom out, change the page, zoom in then reseat the view.

It would be fantastic if I could change pages by tapping, whilst zoomed, and for the next/previous page to retain the zoom and position settings.
This is already partially possible. If you take the PDFs and convert the pages into png or jpg, and repack into cbz or cbr, the viewing options change to comic mode. This allows you to change pages with a single tap while zoomed in. It does realign to the top right of your page though, so it's not exactly what you want, but I think it's good enough in a bind.

I use mine to look through diagrams that I've made. You know... it just occurred to me that where's waldo would be pretty fun on the Kobo touch.
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