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Originally Posted by KMvBC View Post
Thanks so much! Of course, now I'm running into DRM issues! Nothing is ever simple, is it?
I can only comment on Kindle books, because that's the only reader I have. But I haven't run into any DRM issues doing things this way...

1. When I purchase a Kindle book from Amazon, I have it download to my Kindle for PC. I take note of the ASIN for the book (e.g. B003KGBH3K).

2. I fire up Calibre and click on the Add Books icon, maneuver to the My Documents\My Kindle Content folder and click on the appropriate book that matches the ASIN.

3. After it's in Calibre I set any metadata that I like, and then upload it to my Kindle through the USB cord.

The important thing to note is that I can also convert the Kindle file in Calibre to, for example, a .mobi, and Calibre processes it just fine. So I think that either Kindle for PC doesn't use any DRM, or Calibre strips it when it imports it.

So you shouldn't have any DRM problems with Kindle books if you download them to Kindle for PC first and then import them to Calibre.
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