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Dirty PDFs and the Kindle

Hey guys.

First time post. I'm a grad student at Southern Methodist University in the English Department. My department was given a grant to determine how useful e-reader technology was in the classroom. I've had time now with a Sony PRS-505 and an Amazon Kindle. I'm almost sold on calling the Kindle the more useful of the two machines, but I've hit a snag.

The .pdf files my professors have assigned--the ones I'm most likely to use an e-reader for--are not clean at all. They're usually the professor's personal book, scanned into a computer with scribbles and all. As such, they don't work well with Amazon's e-mail service. I loved using PDF2LRF to scan docs into my Sony Reader. There doesn't seem to be an equivalent program for Kindle's format. Is anyone working on this? In order to recommend this machine wholeheartedly, I've got to have a user-friendly interface that can make PDFs readable as images, not text.

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