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Pulled this of of another post -- My firmware / SW wishes

0) custom CSS for getting that just right appearance from sideloaded books. Also 1) libraries or some organizational help 2) Series numbers on books 3) Covers or mini titles displayed for books without them so you'll have an idea 4) Web access using PC access to the store align with with desktop apps & Touch store 5) Mobi access that really works & starts up quickly! - Same for other common formats (I'm selfish here as ePUB is great & Calibre etc. do an adequate conversion) - 6) And I guess for the store a few more access controls to whittle down a more general query to a more specific one. 7) SD cards - I've not had the best of luck here -- I guess a good thing might be able to have a simple content list & ability to move to main memory for files.

I've had a few issues with the IR (fat fingers mostly) - But found for me a swipe is better than a touch & keypad work works best with a flat tipped pencil eraser. There also appears to possibly have a non-quick wake-up or something going on as swipes or touches do not process & followed with a repeat life is good (to me seems more often associated with an upcoming screen reflash than other times). All this said I find the Koobo team amazing & responsive. And I'm on my touch nearly constantly (Wife's out of town ) Best father's day gift from me to me ever!!

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