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Originally Posted by WillAdams View Post
Marinerrr, I'm w/ you on _Mote in God's Eye_, but would like to note that it was more like a Newton, since it specifically used a pen for input.

That's exactly right! I'm glad to see someone else who made that connection. I'm actually a reformed Newton user (MP110, 120, & 2000 that was upgraded to a 2100) but am reluctant to mention it since so many people immediately classify users of Apple technology as, "oh, one of those users..." (eye roll included).

Even though this technology is over a decade old, I still use my 2100 when I go camping and want to have a text input device with a very impressive battery life. My 2100 will still run for over 24 hours on a single charge. I can write a lot of essays in 24 hours in the back country.

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