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Considering Buying Nook 2 & Rooting for DropBox and EverNote

The main thing I need is to be able to easily share books between my devices. I read on my iPad 2, iPhone (in a pinch), and need a solution for sunny days at the beach.

I currently have a Notion Ink Adam PQ which is a full fledged Tegra 2 based Android machine with an outdoor readable screen. It works pretty well as a book reader but it occurs to me that the new Nook with eInk would be a better solution due to size, image quality, and the fact that I really don't use it for anything else except outdoor reading.

The way I share is by putting my ebooks in DropBox on my PC which results in them being available on all my devices. Wherever I leave off on a book I copy and paste some text from that page into EverNote which is also synced to all my devices. When I switch I open EverNote and copy the text and paste into the ebook reader search screen to find my place. A bit awkward but it works for me.

So, long story short, would the Nook 2 work for me? Reading sites like nookDevs I'm not sure how easy it is to root Nook 2 and side load apps compared to earlier nooks. Any thoughts?

EDIT: Looks like people are having success - Just found this great thread at XDA:


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