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I'm trying to remap the keyboard. Am I to understand from the README:

Input key code definitions are hardcoded and cover the input capabilities of Kindle DX Graphite and Kindle3 models. There is a way to redefine these definitions at a startup by providing custom keydefs.ini configuration file. See keydefs.ini.default example for details.
that such a thing is possible? keydefs.ini.default yields:

when modifying this file in order to change key repertoire and / or key codes please make sure that the definitions in file keydefs.h changed accordingly and the application binary rebuilt.
Well, I can edit the two files, but I am unclear as to how to rebuild the binary. Can anyone instruct me on how to do this? If I edit keydefs.default.ini and keydefs.h and recreate the bin file, then install that on the kindle will it modify the default behavior of keyboard keys?
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