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Cool background images rescaled

Originally Posted by paola View Post
In the spirit of giving at least something back, I am trying to adapt Kosta's sheeps them (I love it) for the 903, but I am having trouble modifying the background file. I have to make it into 825x1200, but the theme compile would not include it as the filesize is excessive. If I reduce the filesize by saving the bmp by reducing the resolution, it looks horrible. So my question:
is there a way to change the file from the original 600X800 to 825X1200 while keeping the file size within the 500kb mark (the original one is 468). I enclose the two backgrounds just in case.
Hi Paola and others,

rescaling the images might be a simple trick - just reducing the 'colour-depth', i.e. levels of grey. I changed it from 256 to 8 (PocketBook can only show 16 shades of gray?). Reducing to pure Black/white makes the file even much smaller!. I attached my tries. I'm not near my PocketBook now, so I can't check whether this actually works!

Hope this helps!
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