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Battery pull is not necessary

Originally Posted by mrlanrat View Post
Has anyone found a fix for the EE not waking from hibernate once upgrading to Ermine 2.2?

After about 5 minutes of hibernation my EE will not wake, the only solution is a battery pull.
I did some tests and I can tell the device is still "alive" alogcat can still save logs to the SD card while in hibernation; even when the EE refuses to wake up. So it looks like the EE is not receiving the signal to wake up from the menu button, or something is going wrong along the way.

Any ideas on what to look for pr test next?
I've had the same problem, however it's been intermittent. Use the reset hole next to the USB port. Poke it with a paper clip and presto! Reboots every time. No need to do a battery pull. At least that's been my experience.
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