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Angry Birds Worked for me

Originally Posted by kennyminot View Post
Agentbolt -

You can actually get Angry Birds to work. The problem with the installation has nothing to do with the eDGe's graphic capabilities but is related to the sdcard problem. It attempts to automatically install to the sdcard, but it can't because of some kind of encryption issues. The way around this is to just unmount the sdcard.

Unfortunately, my system is now configured a little strangely because I've been messing around with it. Therefore, I'm not exactly sure how to get it to work with a standard configuration. You might try two things:

A. Just unplug the sdcard and give it a shot.

B. Go into DevTools and start the terminal emulator. Then, type the following commands:

umount /sdcard

Then, install Angry Birds and reboot. You might need to have your system rooted for this to work, but that is a pretty simple process; all you need to do is install and run z4root from the Amazon Marketplace.

Angry Birds runs fine as long as you turn off the background. Otherwise, it's too slow to be playable. I would be extremely interested in figuring out how to overclock this device; however, to get even better performance, my guess is we'd have to play around with the video drivers, which is definitely beyond my ability.

As for Flash, I have no idea why I can't install one of the later versions. The logcat readout is weird, and I can't find any more information about the problem on the interwebs. If you try either of these things, just let me know if they worked, and I'll update the thread.
This process worked for me. Yes the background off actually makes it playable. However you can't shrink the screen down so you can see the entire playing field, which just makes it a little more challenging
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