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Alfie, The Immortal: Bhakti - Scientology - 2012.V60h.1 July 2011


[ update June 30, 2011 - this email originally posted without paragraphs -- now formatted so even evangelist can read it - although I did not also format the preamble within the epub file - however, I can assure you all that the story itself in the epub file is extensively formatted ]

Version 60-h, written by Alfie - The Immortal, between February 2010 to July 1st, 2011 - using the Sigil EPUB Editor, my thanks and appreciation to the creators of Sigil. -

I hereby commend this science fiction story picture-book to Public Domain for eternity, however long the current eternity lasts. It is provided free of charge to whomever wishes to read it using whatever reader one prefers, or send it to someone else in whatever method one chooses, also without charge to any recipient, or for any ebook newbie to examine it in their EPUB editor for the purposes of learning how to use the Sigil Editor, or any other EPUB Editor of their choice. The only stipulation being that the contents herein not be changed then those changes presented to others as being the original, nor falsely claiming the changer to be the original author.

As to this book's contents, my primary reason for writing it is to convey my personal belief that quantum plasmic energy parasites do exist, and do feed on the negative emotional energies of human beings, through an entertaining story-picturebook-format, that I naturally hope at least some readers will enjoy reading, even learn a few things from. I further believe that the existence of said quantum energy parasites will soon be proven by the scientific industry. However - proof of their existence is still entirely speculative circumstantial evidence at the present time. It is relevant, I feel, to say that images of viruses were essentially invisible to us until the advent of the electron microscope in 1931. And, despite all the research and advances since then, although several thousand viruses have since then been imaged and classified, it is estimated that millions more exist yet to be discovered. Scary thought, eh. Well, even scarier than viruses, are quantum plasmic energy parasites. Similarly, I believe we have in fact scientifically detected the invisible parasites of this story. We just so far refuse to realize what it is that we have detected, nor willing to officially accept their existence, for a myriad of reasons.

While there are facts, which I tried diligently to get correct, but apologize if there are any facts I got wrong, and there are names of some real people and organizations within this story - this story is entirely written from my own imaginations. Some derogatory associations I wrote in relation to some of those real people and organizations are purely my own invention, to make the story I have imagined work. I repeat - This story is speculative science fiction.

Regarding the Church of Scientology, there are some things I attribute to them that I speculated from my own imaginations. However, there are other things I did not write from my own speculating imaginations. Google them and learn for yourself. The real criticisms of the Church of Scientiology, are - real, and in my humble opinion, but also as well as many others, more than enough reasons to recommend and support the total dissolvement of that organization. I think which things I wrote that are my imaginations and which are not will be quite evident from your search results.

So, why, you might well ask, did I pick the Church of Scientology and use bad-guy Scientologists as the primary corporeal human enemy ? Answer - I have never liked Scientologists, since I first learned of and saw them as a young boy decades ago. But, I had forgotten about them. Well, I needed a "bad guy" for my ebook story, and I wanted one that nobody had ever used before, which made finding one for my ebook story very difficult. But then, the very day I was trying one last time to choose a "bad guy" - or kill myself :-), the Church of Scientology was in the news that very day, announcing it's new future retreat near Orangeville, Ontario, and that the section of the Bruce Trail which runs across their new property purchased in 2009, could soon be closed. The 885 km main Bruce Trail which crosses many 1,000s of private lands by the permission of all those good people, and the innumerable volunteers who help to maintain it, is the most popular hiking trail in all of Canada to the innumerable users of it. The Church of Scientology, seeking to ingratiate itself with the public, wants to close the section crossing it's property. I took that as a sign from 'the other side of somewhere' that bad Scientologists would serve to be the enemy in this my one and only ever science fiction story picture-book very well.

As for how I came to formulate my belief that quantum plasmic energy parasites do exist, I had been up to 1989 searching for most of my life for whatever it would turn out to be that could be causing such an enormously larger amount of pain and suffering in human lives than the far smaller amount of love and happiness. We are, indisputably, every one of us alive, and all those who lived before us since the first of our species, very capable, and deserving, of the reverse situation, more love and happiness than pain and suffering. So, I strived, as so many do, to find out why. Then I read "Hungry Ghosts" by Joe Fisher, published in 1989. Joe later published a revised edition called "The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts", in 2001, published just shortly before he allegedly committed suicide. Joe believed in the existence of Hungry Ghosts, non-corporeal entities that have an insatiable hunger, and feed off the negative emotional energies of the living. And he believed that anyone who committed suicide could very likely wind up as one themselves. Hence Joe's book, and revised edition, to warn people away from Channeling and Mediumship with 'the other side', as he had come to believe doing so leads only to more amplify the feeding of these entities. Does it make any sense that Joe Fisher would then kill himself ? If I may be so bold as to dare, I dedicate this my science fiction story picture-ebook to Joe Fisher.

Why are there so many pictures in it ? Because I am often struggling to imagine what other authors describe in words only. Especially when the description is not done well enough for me to imagine anything at all. I would like to know what they really imagine how something looks that they describe, or might sort of looks like. So, my science fiction story book is a story picture-book.

And finally - as to why I have decided to make this ebook Public Domain, and to remain anonymous - forever. Well - firstly - as all far too many wanna-be authors know all too well, getting physical-published at any time in human history has always been next to impossible. In 2011 - even as an ebook - forget about it. Secondly, the story maligns just about everybody and every belief on this planet. Which could potentially make me the target of hatred by as many as 6 billion people. Not the least of whom would be the Church of Scientology, who do not take kindly to being maligned in any way whatsoever, not even to the very slightest degree. I suspect that being hated by 6 billion people, would be a new record in the 250,000 to 400,000 currently estimated years of the annals of the 'modern' homo sapien species. Not something I covet at all.

Oh, btw, by the way. The last chapter ? The ending even surprised me. I had intended to write a very very different ending. I began to write the last chapter my way, but, " IT " took over control and wrote the last chapter all by ITself :-) ---- holy moly ! - THAT was Scary !

So, enjoy - or not - this book of my imaginations, or that is, I think they are my own imaginations -- I am done with IT - I hope IT is done with me.

Alfie - The Immortal
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