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[Metadata Source Plugin] Beam eBooks

This plugin allows calibre to read metadata from Beam eBooks when you choose to download/fetch metadata. Additionally to the usual author and title information, it obtains and stored the store-specific beam ebooks id which will be used in a forthcoming plugin to automatically synchronize your local calibre installation with your private bookshelf at beam eBooks.

Special thanks to kiwidude, whose plugins were a great inspiration.

Project overview is at OhLoh, and sources are available at Launchpad. Patches and pull requests very welcome

Main features on v1.0.0:
  • Can retrieve beam ebooks id, title, author
  • Option to set the series and series_index information for Perry Rhodan books
  • By retrieving the beam ebooks id this plugin is preparing ground for the upcoming bookshelf sync plugin
  • The beam ebooks id will also be displayed in the book details panel to be clicked on and taken directly to the website for that book

Installation Notes:
  • Use the plugin updater that is integrated in calibre since 0.8.6
  • If that is not possible, download the attached zip file and install the plugin as described in the Introduction to plugins thread
  • Note that this is not a GUI plugin so it is not intended/cannot be added to context menus/toolbars etc.


If you find this or any of my other plugins useful please feel free to show your appreciation with PayPal or Flattr

Version History:


Version 1.0.0 - 28 Jun 2011
Initial release of plugin

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