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Kobo Issues

I sent this to the kobo customer service email address but wanted to get some feedback from all of you. This is my first ereader. Thanks.

This is what I sent to them:

I bought the Kobo touch and am suddenly having some problems with it. This
morning, I plugged it into the computer to download some books. When I used
the Kobo Desktop to Sync it, it said the software was corrupt and to do a
factory reset. I had to leave for work, so I did not do it right away. The
Kobo was charged and worked fine during the day allowing me to read my book.

When I got home tonight, I plugged it into the computer (which does not
detect the reader by the way) and got the same message. So I ejected it
using the Kobo Desktop and did the factory reset. It seemed fine although it
got hung up on the set up screen on the reader for awhile until I used a
paper clip to restart the reader via the small button on the back.

It seemed fine and downloaded all my books and what not. It was also fully
charged. I have been reading for approximately 2 1/2 hours and suddenly it
turned off and said it needed to be charged. I plugged it into the computer
and it said it was charging but the charging icon on the reader is fully
charged after 5 minutes.

Did I do something wrong when doing the factory reset? Is there a problem
with the battery?

I bought it the day it was released and it has been perfectly fine up until
now. Thank you.
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