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My new Cover Story

So, I got myself a brand new Cover Story and after about 24 hours I'm still happy with it. But...

The Cover came branded with CDON, a Scandinavian electronics chain with its own online book store, but I'm not going to use it since they have Scandinavian prices (25$ for a book that costs 9$ at Waterstone, booksonboard or even the Sony shop? I don't think so!) CDON does provide the latest firmware for download on their website, which is nice, since I didn't manage to download from iRiver.

To say it right away: the reflections on the screen don't really bother me. Yes, they are there but turning the reader 5 mm to either side usually does the trick. Also, I don't think the Cover Story does worse than my BeBook Neo, which has a wacom layer behind the e-paper. (I did look at the Sony 350 at the airport the other day and its screen seemed very nice, but I wanted 6" and the 650 is completely unavailable these days.)

There are a couple of things that confuse me though:

The dictionary: Yes, there is an inbuilt dictionary, but I cannot tap a word to look up its meaning. I have to open the dictionary window, type in the word and then I get the definition. This is a rather clumsy way of looking things up

The keyboard: I don't know how the shift key works. Maybe I'm stupid but this actually prevents me from using the email function. Why? Because when i type in the password all I see is stars (phones normally show the letter for a second before it is replaced by a star) and I don know if I typed "a" or "A". If your password is "abc123" this isn't a problem, but with something like "asHjs98%sH"? Forget it...

Addition: I just figured out the Shift key. It is in fact a caps lock key, i.e. pressing once will produce capital letters until shift is pressed again

The library: And yet another reader that lists books by file name. Mine are sorted by author-title so all I see is "John Doe - A...", "John Doe - A..." Sure I can easily rename with Calibre but how difficult is it to actually use the meta info in an epub? I can see the book cover alright...

I may sound rather critical but all in all I like the Cover Story. The device looks nice, the touchscreen works fine (never liked the Neo that forces you to use the stylus), and it's nice to have a reader with a dedicated cover. i prefer the magnetic cover to the Neo's thick leather cover and the Sony's neoprene sleeve.

So yes, I'll be reading on the Cover Story for the time to come.

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