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TOC conversion glitches

Newbie/first-time poster, terrified of asking a question previously answered, hasn't found anything like mine and will have to take my chances.

After saving my .doc novel manuscript as .htm, I converted it to .mobi, then used it to create .epub. Both file formats display what I can only call TOC upper/lower-case confusion. Specifics:

All chapter headings in the .doc file are like this: CHAPTER ONE

With two exceptions, all chapters within the TOC listings on both .mobi and .epub versions, either in the panel to the left of the text in Calibre or in the blue-linked TOC at the end of each book, are like this: Chapter One.

The listing for chapter two reads: chapter two.

The listing for chapter six reads: ChAPTER SIX.

Within the text of the .mobi version, all chapter headings are exactly like I typed them in the .doc file: CHAPTER ONE.

But within the text of the .epub version, the chapter headings display the same case irregularities as in the TOC listings.

I would appreciate any information on what might be causing the problem and suggestions on how to fix it.

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