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Pdf annotations and Kindle annotations

Dear all,

I've got a very specific question regarding annotations. I have a large library of academic books in PDF, managed with Calibre. And I've got a Kindle, which holds (almost exactly) the same list of books. My priority, when I read books is to underline important passages. When I do so with my Kindle, the annotations will be visible on the Kindle, but there is no way of seeing Kindle-underlining in a PC PDF reader, and that's fine for me (since I think there is no way around this problem).


If I underline books on my PC (with Foxit reader, for example), I *can* see the PC-underlining on my Kindle: it's enough to upload on the Kindle the annotated book.

The problem is: I've got many books, and I read the same book sometimes on the Kindle, sometimes on screen. And I would like to see ALL the annotations (PC-made and Kindle-made) when I open a book on my Kindle.

The question is: does Calibre have a feature that allows me to re-synch my WHOLE library every time I connect my Kindle (or at least whenever I want), so that it replaces the old PDF file (not just the metadata) with the annotated (more recent) one WITHOUT deleting the little file on the Kindle which holds the annotations done there? So that, next time I open a book on my Kindle, I can see both the underlining done on my PC and the highlighting done on my Kindle.

It's a bit convoluted but I hope it's clear. I wasn't sure which subforum to put this in...

Thanks a lot!
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