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How do I use this w/ luigis terminal ?

I must be missing something simple, but how do I fire up this debian environment from luigis terminal? I would have thought I run terminal and then run, but the instructions on the blog state in bold that cannot be run from luigis term. Or perhaps that is only referring to the first time when you need to run dkpg configure, and after that then running from luigis is ok? Or is everyone keeping the debian chroot environment running all the time and telneting to localhost or some such?

My main interest in all this is just to get an ssh client running on my Kindle 3 WiFi. If that is all I really want, is this overkill? Is it just a simple matter to install and run an ARM ssh client in the native Kindle linux environment and then use it via luigis term, or is there some gotcha? Finally, I hear a lot of people talk about using screen - is this because the Kindle WiFi kills tcp connections after a small timeout or?

Thanks, and sorry for all the newb questions - I am comfy w/ Linux administration, but the whole kindle hack scene is new to me.
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