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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Sigh, why do I bother. Please dont use calibre and please tell all your friends and relatives to not use it as well.
Why do you bother to do what? Ignore your users all together? That is a great question! Seriously, why is it such a threat to you when people try to make suggestions that will improve the functionality of your software? It makes no sense. Considering at my job we are ALWAYS soliciting peoples feedback on our software. We understand we don't have all the answers yet you seem to think you do.

Seriously, answer me this, why did you not at least acknowledge that you have a bug? You said it will delete ALL files. You said it yourself MULTIPLE times I might add. Yet it doesn't delete them all. So your function is broken. Even if you do not think it is broken in the manner many of us think it is, it is by your own logic not doing what you say it does. is that not a bug? Or is it another "undocumented feature"?
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