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Originally Posted by itimpi View Post
I can think of lots of program's that will delete files that have nothing to do with them. They typically give you a less obvious warning than Calibre does. I suggest that you come up with wording that would have made it clearer to you what was about to happen? Since ALL files are by definition on the hard drive then it seems redundant to re-emphasise that point?

This problem can only occur in the first place if:
- there are non-calibre files in the calibre library folder - something that is not meant to occur.
- the user has ignored warnings at the time the library is created (although I accept if the library was created in an old version of calibre it is possible the warnings were not in place)
- the very strong warning is ignored at delete time.

There are technical reasons why the Recycle bin is not being used as otherwise that would be an easy recovery.
Ok I can deal with the lack of recycle bin because you should not be deleting my files. My point is the message does not say hard drive. So it is obviously safe to assume that all files can mean from Calibre just as easily as it could mean hard drive. That is the fundamental problem.

Plus I pointed out it is not even deleting ALL of the files. Yet Mr. Arrogant chooses to ignore the pointing out of an obvious bug in even the methodology HE HIMSELF laid out for us. Sorry but I can't deal with these kinds of devs. They never stick around on my teams long because arrogance can be quite blinding to real problems. But this is HIS project so he is obviously free to run it how he sees fit.

That is by obviously ignoring glaring bugs and to constantly tell people they are wrong and beneath his humongus PHD as if that makes him instantly right.

Not going to fly here. I offered valid feedback and pointed out a bug using his own logic and yet it is ignored. This is his chosen route so enjoy. I will depart because I personally don't use or need Calibre but now I will have read up on the subject to find a suitable replacement since his disregard for peoples data is dangerous.
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