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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Once again, in case you did not see the screenshot I posted before, the dialog reads, and I quote

All files (not just ebooks) from


will be permanently deleted. Are you sure?

I dont know how to make it clearer than that.

Delete individual books from calibre, they will be put in the recycle bin. Delete an entire library, it will be permanently deleted. If you dont understand why, try putting huge numbers of files in a recycle bin and see what happens.
You don't know how to make it any clearer? Because mentioning from the hard drive is too hard? Not sure I follow your logic.

See the problem here is the same as my developers. They have a problem stepping back and viewing things from a non-technical standpoint. When you are technical sure it may make more sense. But that is you and you are not taking into account people who maybe don't have the knowledge you do.

Anyways, you make it clear, you are the only one that is right and anyone else's thought or input is unwelcomed and wrong. I mean I gave you a perfect solution that is used in many reputable software titles. I say let's work on some real solutions, and that is your reply. Well brilliant. You have a good day sir and good luck with your software.
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