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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
You can start with HTML but you can only save as EPUB.

That is why it squawks (fails). It is a waning to remind you that you are making a EPUB out of a HTML file
Sorry, but that's not sensible. When I write prose in Word I don't need to be told when I first click Save that Word doesn't do that, and then be forced to choose Save As... to select the doc format. Similarly, when I bring material into Sigil (no matter where I get it from) I am obviously trying to make an ePub -- that's all Sigil does. So giving me an error telling me I can't do what I didn't set out to do is rather silly.

Nor is it sensible UI design to require me to select Save As... to make the first save of a file. On first save of a file in Sigil, both the Save and the Save As.. commands could perform the same function since there is no other possibility. So if the file hasn't yet been saved even once (something Sigil must be keeping track of) then clicking Save should do the trick without any huffing and puffing. And until the Save As.. command has a useful function, it might as well be grayed out.

But this is beta software, so enough complaining.

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