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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I am aware that forums such as this have their own internal dynamic, with various characters that roam the dark hallways. I assume that you have set yourself up as the whimsically, smart talking, emiticonatory-hating hall monitor. Don't tell, you were beaten-up as a young spineless squidling by an over-enthusiastic bully Orca who disliked emoticons and decided to provide you with some emotional scars whilst at the same time knocking the stuffing and any sense of irony you may have once had out of your system. If the good Lord and this forum and its goodly and godly administrators had not wanted us to utilize our smiley-and-otherwise faced little pals they would not have allowed them to be born of Photoshop and other such graphic birthing-pools in the first place. However, I realize you find that an irrelevancy.

Your dislike of my emoticonatory effusiveness I can stomach and will accept as a predilection which you abhor. However, the remark, 'PS The sad thing is that is some dark corners of the internet, the poster truly is that offensive. ', I will not tolerate from a bottom-feeder such as yourself. I had hoped that this forum was full of decent people with at least some sense of humour and some honour, so that if they disliked someone or their ways they would have the decency to approach them on a personal level about their gripes - sadly, I was mistaken. I can see that your spineless avatar and your natural tendencies are well matched. You prefer the open-forum, vacuously open and smart-mouthed approach instead, presumably to feed your fragile ego.

Please don't confuse my persona on this forum with that of someone you think you know and can insult with impunity. I would also like to recommend that you take your own advice : 'As long as people remember to write humorously and wittily, ' . Being smart-mouthed and being witty are not coterminous and you have amply proven that with your own witless and spiteful remarks.


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