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daudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-booksdaudi has learned how to read e-books
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This is a set of installers for different versions of the ipdf viewer. It also includes a way of examining which version is currently installed (by examining the file size). Just click on the "Run me to identify the current ipdf" entry in the contentlister.

To use this set of installers:
  1. make sure you have upgraded to version 2.12 of the iliad software
  2. make sure that you have requested shell access (again if you had it before with 2.11 and then upgraded to 2.12)
  3. Unzip this set of installers somewhere, anywhere that you can access with the contentlister.
  4. click on the entry for the version you want
  5. click on "Run me to identify the current ipdf"

Here are the links to the original posts by the people who created these versions. These posts include more details about the features that each version offers:

Please note that the installers check to see which version of the firmware your iliad is running. The current version of the firmware for the iLiad V1 and iLiad V2 is 2.12. The new iLiad Book Edition runs version 2.12.1. You will need to select the correct set of installers for the version installed on your iLiad.

Specical note for Book Edition owners
Please note that this over-writes the installed version of ipdf. In the 2.12 bundle I have included the iRex version for 2.12 so it can be restored. I do not have the 2.12.1 version (which might be exactly the same, I don't know) so I have included the 2.12 version with the 2.12.1 bundle.

I have also created a contentlister entry that will backup the installed ipdf. You can only run this once. I suggest that Book Edition users who have not yet installed any of the community ipdf versions use this option to backup their own Book Edition ipdf before installing any community versions. Once you have run this the contentlister entry will change and will show the file size of the backed-up version.

Once you have done this the contentlister entry to restore the iRex original ipdf will restore the original that came with your Book Edition and not the 2.12 version.

Even better still, if someone with a Book Edition who has not yet installed any community versions of ipdf could use the backup to determine the file size and then post that file size below it will help to determine whether ipdf has changed in version 2.12.1.
The backup is safe to run: it will do nothing to your iliad, it just copies the installed version to the set of installers.
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