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hi ladies & gents

"full refresh or partial refresh" mentioned by Dulin's books seems to be the main issue .. concerning the M90's speed in moving along with pdfs etc..
It's obvious.. being a brand new product.. that it still has got a lot of bugs and issues to be dealt with.

Still.. my intention of getting one remains. It looks better than the competition ..

I would really appreciate that M91 to PB 902 comparison review Onyx Eur committed to, being it, hopefully, the most impartial possible.
I am probably not gonna go for anything else other than an Onyx.. (i really want a Pearl display with a Wacom stylus. plus Onyx design is way superior) so.. the issue here.. is getting a little more eye-candy with the M90.

Thanks in advance.. and thanks very much Booxtor , for your two-part video.
U said u would be doing one more.

If possible.. i would like to see a little bit more of the stylus action.. scribbling and in more specific use like one more sketch..and text editing for eg. Can you make a note on a pdf, for eg.. save it to the memory or an SD card and revert to it in real time, in the video?

And secondly.. the web browsing possibility. If i am not mistaken.. one can jump online, check the email.. RSS feeds and wikipedia browsing and online dictionaries.. which is life saving.. when one's studying & working reading for hours.. and can just check that little one thing online.. without having to refrain to a PC.

thanks again

PS1 : The only thing the M90 really sucks at.. and it is un-fixable via firmware is the Text2Speech/audio speaker. bloody hell its so bad ! Such robotic voice (fixable) .. and is a guy supposed to hear the speech.. or is it just make believe??!

PS2 : How's the stock capacity for the M90 ? Anyone knows ? (if i order directly from the site, or some other store as an alternative..lets say.. tomorrow.)
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