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eInk display Question

Fellow Edgers -
I have a question about how the eInk side should behave. My basic concern is that it doesn't change pages quickly and smoothly. I have done some searches in the forums and haven't found where this has been discussed before.

I had my PE for about 12 hours before I updated to Ermine, so I don't really remember how it worked before; but I'm not really happy with what it is doing now. I'm wondering if this is something unique to my PE, a symptom of Ermine, or maybe just normal. If it's not normal, can it be "fixed"?

When I am reading a book and "turn the page" my screen goes through a series of "flashes" before the new page appears. The page I'm reading first flashes to an invert of itself (black screen with white text), then the new page shows up and flashes a few times, switching between the white screen/black text and black screen/white text, before settling down to the new page.

It's not a major issue, but I thought that eInk readers were much smoother than this, and I don't remember it doing this without ermine, but I didn't do a whole lot of testing of books, so maybe I'm wrong.

I'm used to reading using the Amazon Kindle App on the Android side, and that is very smooth, but I would prefer to read on the eInk's the whole reason I got the PE.

As a follow-on question, several users have mentioned that they would be reading a book on the eInk side, and then when it got too dark they just switched it to the android side. How do you do this without losing your page? I'm using the PE Library to read on the eInk side and the switch to another piece of software to read on the Android side. I'm assuming there is a better way to be doing this?

Thank you!
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