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These are the instructions that I used to input my customized screen savers. It worked perfectly. When creating the folder in step#3, make sure you use lowercase lettering.


1. Plug the USB cable into your Kindle, and plug the other end into your
2. Using the instructions explained in the “Getting Your Books Onto The
Kindle” section, navigate to your Kindle's folder.
3. Create a new folder named “pictures”. Select that folder.
4. Create a new folder named “My Pictures”. This should be inside the
“pictures” folder. Note that you can actually name this folder whatever
you want; I'll just use “My Pictures” for consistency.
5. Drag-and-drop the images you want for your screen saver into the “My
Pictures” folder.
6. Eject or unmount the Kindle, if appropriate, and unplug the USB cable
from both ends.
7. On your Kindle, press the Home button.
8. Press and hold the Alt key, and press the Z key, which tells the Kindle to
rescan for pictures. You should now have a “My Pictures” item in your
home menu. If your menu is sorted by date viewed (the default), it'll
show up at the end of the list.
9. Select the “My Pictures” item. This will display a picture viewer.
10. Press the F to enter full-screen mode.
11. Press Shift Alt 0 (press and hold down the Shift and Alt keys, and press
the zero key). Wait a few seconds, then the current image will be added
to your screen savers.
12. Use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to navigate between
images, and repeat step 11 for each image.
The Kindle screen is exactly 600 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall, so you'll want
pictures in approximately that shape. Your Kindle will scale any overly large
images to a maximum of 600x800.
To remove pictures from your screen saver, plug your Kindle into your computer
and select your Kindle. Select the “system” folder, and select the “screen_saver”
folder. Delete everything in this folder. When your Kindle next goes to sleep, you
will initially see the last image you had as a screen saver, then you'll see the
standard screen saver images, and you won't see any of your images again.
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