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Originally Posted by stevenmoy View Post
Sorry, I think the method was not very clear. You are not pressing Alt + Shift + z when you have the menu up. Whenever you are, press "Home" button to back to Home. Now assuming you already have some jpg/gif files already inside this folder inside Kindle (E:\pictures\screensaver), press Alt + Shift + z

Hope the instruction works for you.
Let's see, i must be very "killy" to not be able to do it, following your instructions. I have tried placing the folder pictures/screensavers at different locations and still the alt-shift-z doesn't produce anything.

- I connect my kindle to computer via usb (i work with a Mac)
- I open kindle icon
- I see 4 folders: Audible, documents, music, System
- i tried creating the pictures/screensavers folder at this level
- i also tried creating the pictures/screensavers folder inside of "System". Yet, when i go into the System folder i see aalready there a folder called "screen_saver". It is/seems empty.
- I disconnect the kindle from computer
- When it goes back to the Home page (list of files inside of device) i press the alt-shift-z or alt-z
- screen blinks for a sec, i see the file listing again, but no new ebook called "screensavers" appears at the end of my listing

Now, i feel private use of hellokitty images would be ok, right?

Jackson: i looooved the screensaver of the men with the different types of hair/hatdos. Where does it come from?
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