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Hi to everyone!
I'm a newbie in this Forum and I just bought a brand-new Sony PRS-505 about which I'm really happy.
But...of course there's a "but":
I've got plenty of .pdf books, and before loading them on a 2Gb SDCard I tried to "fix" their tags in order for the Reader to perfectly "understand" them.
The final result is a mess: although it seems that every, say, Isaac Asimov's book I loaded has the same file name tag (something like "Asimov, Isaac - Foundation 01" or "Asimov, Isaac - I, Robot") when the Reader loads the SD content and shows the book list, I'm not able to find a clue about the way in which the books are sorted. Browsing for title shows many, for instance, "Asimov, Isaac"s but not every book I put into the folder, which lie spattered under other sorting fields.
Is there any chance to knowing a fool-proof "tagging" for the .pdf files name, able to be recognized by the Sony Reader (and of course able to allow me to browse in an affordable way?).
Thanks for your help.
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