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Hey guys.

I use SiteScooper to gather all the sites I read for the day (BBC, Guardian, The Times, a couple of my favorite blogs). SiteScooper automatically creates an index site for all these, so if I Run SiteScooper ON this Index it creates a big fat, single HTML file, which is fully indexed and consists of all my daily reading.

Really handy so I don't need to transfer 8-9 files - the ugly part is SiteScooper has no interface so I had to write a batch file for all this. The good part is it's a 1-click operation - I run it before my shower, and by the time I'm out it's waiting for me to plug in my eBook.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop my experience at how SiteScooper saved my EB. I have a feeling this software isn't really supported anymore... the last update I saw was in 2001. Ugh.

Either SiteScooper needs to be resurrected, or some of hte folks at FictionWise/eBook Technologies need to realize the importance of not reading just DRM stuff.
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