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thanks for the reply Gregory.
with the 14mb displayed in the application manager, the program was "in the SD card" (had to put it in the quotation marks coz not everything is transferred, right?). i tried it the other way around and moved the app to the system storage. from 14 something mb, it ballooned to 20 something mb! so i guess it works this way when the app is "moved to the SD card": 7mb moved to the SD card, 14mb remains in the system storage - which is huge. The app is really great esp that i know development / improvement is on going and i'm not willing to give up just yet. i just hope it won't take up too much app storage.

btw, since you guys are working on the whole "select option" within the files, may i suggest that you look into moon reader's? among the readers i have tried their select text option has been the most convenient. thanks again!
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