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libprs500 on SuSE linux 10.3 doesn't recognize non-root user

Hi all, hope somebody can help.

I'm running SuSE linux 10.3 (x86_64). I've been trying to install libprs500 with varying degrees of success. I now have it to the point where I can detect the sony reader when logged in as root. However, if I log in as a regular user, I am told "Unable to find a connected ebook reader".

The last instruction on the "generic linux" installation page of libprd500 is:

gpasswd -a username plugdev
However, this command does not work in SuSE (it would be groupmod) and furthermore, SuSE does not have a plugdev group. So, I'm stuck. I can run the scripts as root and get it to work, but that's a pain. Does anybody know which group I need to add my username to for it to work without all this pain?

Cheers and thanks,
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