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Newbie Question: How to get Kindle Singles and Kindle Blogs on Nook STR?


I'm a newbie here so please excuse my ignorance in my post and if my question has already been answered.

I bought both the new Nook STR as well as the Amazon Kindle 3G with the intention of putting them through their paces and then returning one and keeping the other.

I really loved the Nook STR, but in the end I ended up returning it and keeping the Kindle because of Amazon's ecosystem. I'm not a huge book reader, but rather spend my time reading newspapers, magazines and blogs. So, for me, content is king and Amazon just seems to have so much more to offer in terms of the content I seek vs. Barnes and Noble. In fact, I especially love the Kindle Singles and Kindle Blogs b/c they are "short and sweet."

However, hardware wise, I really liked the feel and use of the Nook STR.

So, my question is: is there a relatively simple way to get the Amazon content that I like so much onto the Nook STR that I like so much?

From my googling, I understand that there would be two steps to doing this: first removing the DRM from the Kindle content and then converting the Kindle content into a format that the Nook STR can recognize. Is this correct? Am I missing something? How would one go about performing both of these steps and how difficult is it to do it?

I believe it may be against forum rules to give me specific instructions as to the removal of DRM, so please do not include that in your response. I don't want to get my thread deleted! But, any kind of a general overview would be appreciated. I would really love to get that Nook STR back!

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