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Lightbulb Kindle Games in Canada? (Apparently NOW!)

Originally Posted by TheKindleWorm View Post
It's nothing against Canada. As far as I'm aware, Scrabble and the other word games are only currently available in the US.

I live in the UK and they are not available to me either. I'm not going to bother to change my country just to get some games even though they do look pretty good. I'm sure Amazon want them to be available to all countries asap. It's down to the publishers yet again!
Sorry, I know this thread is old, but you might want to know that there's a few games available in Canada, and probably the UK and other countries. Lol, it would be funny if they weren't available in the US (international exclusives ). jk, I'm all about global equality. Any who, just search for 'canada kindle games'. I only play hangman by blufi on occasion, but there's a few others people might like. But please be cautious, as I noticed some publishers will make it seem like you're getting a kindle game, but what you really get is a book with no games and just a link taking you to a website where you can play through the experimental browser (and only if you have Internet access at the time). Very not cool in my opinion, however I did get a refund which was nice, but it was still a huge waste of everyone's time. From my personal experience, you can easily spot real games by looking for two things. Under the product's details, ensure the File Size is "400 KB" or larger, and always get the free sample before buying. If you can't play any part of a game in the sample, it probably means it's a trick and you would essentially be buying a link to a (possibly temporary) website address and won't be sent any game at all to your device. To avoid this, I disable wireless after the sample is sent to my kindle. That way I know if I can play it offline, or whether it's sending me to a website to play. I just don't like the latter type because it quickly uses up my precious battery. I was stuck at school with a dead battery once because I was playing a sudoku game before class, so now I'm more careful and only use the browser for wikipedia, google, forums (mainly this one now) and keep wireless disabled in between.

I was going to write a quick review of the games available to us outside the US, since I couldn't find one (this thread is the closest I found), and I keep reading complaints from people who are unaware they exist, although they might be new. But school is taking up most of my time lately so I'm writing this as I may never get around to writing reviews. In the mean time, try searching the Store built into your Kindle (I've noticed that it only searches and displays items available to you). Try searches like "kindle games worldwide", "interactive games", "interactive ebooks", etc. (but heed the aforementioned red flags to look for). I'll post back here if I ever get around to writing a review, or if you want to write a review, please let the rest of us know here. And always remember, the Kindle is designed for reading. If you want a game by Electronic Arts, get a X-Box.

(P.S., I can't imagine EA is behind the country restrictions, the customer service at Amazon is in the dark as much as we are. I imagine it is the same reason that the Kindle wasn't offered outside the US until later; they legally have to get permission from the international mobile carriers they use to connect Kindles to their Whispernet service. Hence, this is why you can't get an audible book through 3G. Amazon and publishers would want everything available to everyone in the world because it simply means more money for them. But they have to obide by their legal contracts with the mobile operators. So where I live, it would mean that both Rogers and Bell Canada would have to agree to let Kindle users receive large files and use network applications in an unlimited capacity, which they may not agree to because Amazon probably isn't going to pay a higher licensing fee to them unless they determine that there are enough Kindle users in a country and that they are willing to buy the active content so that overall sales will increase significantly higher than the liabilities such as the increase in licensing fee, operator quid pro quo, and other time/costs. Furthermore, mobile carriers will consider that it may lead to less people using and paying for 3G web access with them directly. Thus, it's not down to publishers, Amazon, or even 3G operators being against Canada, the UK, or any country. If you can come up with a business model that is financially beneficial to the corporations that must legally sign off on it, and won't upset any major stakeholders, they’ll do it! If I had to guess, I’d say Amazon is at least waiting until the peak amount of Canadians own Kindle before they make a deal with Rogers and Bell and pay a higher licensing fee. These are all wild guesses, my point is that we should not trust anything coming from a customer service representive. They deal directly with customers so they only know information which is also released to the public website and strictly kept seperate from any internal operations. Sorry for the rant, I asked Amazon a technical question a while ago and still keep getting the same generic response back which is barely related to what I asked. So in the last email I asked if I was talking to a real person. I still don't know, it's been weeks and I still haven't received a response.)
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