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Nook Touch refresh isn't really every 6 pages

I've been reading with my Nook for over a week now. And while it is my first e-Ink reader, I can't say that the momentary flashes between screens or after pulling up menus bothers me at all. As a matter of fact you tend to not notice it after a while.

This lead me to an interesting discovery that no one else seems to have yet noticed (because, well, the screen refresh flashes don't get in the way and we all ignore them): the nook touch will *always* flash at the beginning of a chapter.

I've been reading through some ePubs with properly constructed Table of Contents and every time I get to a new chapter, regardless of how many pages it's been since my last refresh, the screen will refresh. As a matter of fact, it often times refreshes the page immediately following the first page of the chapter (likely because these two pages are both the "first page" but simply don't appear that way due to my font sizing). Not only that but I can flip up and down from the first page in the chapter and, again, the nook will always refresh the display -- every time -- in spite of the fact that it has been 0 pages since a refresh (nowhere close to 6).

Can this little nugget of information be used somehow? I don't think so, but it's rather interesting and the fact that the nook has this "chapter refresh" leads me to believe that B&N was aware of the ghosting and wants to make sure you start each chapter crisp and clean.
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