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Lettered lists


A solution is posted below.
If you have a better solution, please post it!


Is there any way to create a list with letters instead of numbers? I have a list of two levels: 1, 2, 3 ... and then under 3 there's a i, ii, iii (indented double, of course).

     1. Bleh blah.
     2. Meh yada yada.
     3. Etc.
           i. More etc.
          ii. And so on ... but note
              the outdent (hanging indent).
    10. And all the nums right-aligned
        and outdented.
Is this possible at all in Mobi?

I could just hard-code the letters, but then they would not outdent and right-align like the numbers.

I can do it with tables, but some of the list elements are long, and the Kindle won't pagebreak in table cells, so some of the text might become impossible to read.

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