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My father is going on holidays to US and I was thinking of asking him to bring me back (Argentina) the new Nook touch (buying it from a B&N store).
I don't care about warranty and for what I understand, I could buy ebooks from B&N through a VPN or something that hides my IP and pay it with my local credit card. Even if I couldn't do that, there are plenty of sources for epub books so I can copy them to the SD card and get the Nook to read them from there (I thinks it's called side-loading).
My question is, can I register the Nook at all from Argentina? I read on this forum that you'd need to get an IP address and a fisical US address... how can I get that?
I mean, even if I could get behind a proxy or something to get a US IP, where do I get the shipping/billing address? I know it sounds dumb, but honestly I got no idea.
I read someone suggested usunlock, but that's for buying and shipping, I just would need to register it.
Any clues?
Thanks in advanced

EDIT: Or should I get a Kobo Touch instead? Is it somehow good as the Nook?

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