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Originally Posted by amirshim View Post
I'm having the exact same problem as felonius and snowski... I had developer access working until I installed 2.12 a couple of days ago and pushed the developer package.

It definitely seems that the developer package is getting installed since the screen blinks on clicking, but the scripts are not running.

I reflashed (full "format") back to 2.10 and re-installed all the updates and developer package and I have the exact same problems.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the model?
I have ER0100-002
What do other people with this problem have? (and those who don't)

Everything else seems to be constant...
Software version: 2.12
Software build number: 21200
Kernel version: 2.4.19-rmk7-pxa-irex1 #21200
daudi, in post 27, indicated his software, which was identical to snowski's in every number. daudi seems to not be having any issues. You and I have the same software, though our hardware seems to differ slightly. Product Type for me is ER0140...

Perhaps they changed something about the dev access recently. This would allow people before a certain time/date to work without issue, but people who install now will have problems?

I really feel like I keep ending up back at square one, with having to wait for iRex to change something.

It's too bad these aren't cheaper, I'd say it would be great for someone who has it working right now to try on a second iLliad and see what happens...
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