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I wish I saw your post earlier. I wound up chucking my old Rocket E-book after doing a bunch of online searching for the ebook model and the battery. I wound up purchasing e-bookwise's 1150.

I am still reading the books I have on my Cybook, and have not used the 1150 extensively yet. From what I have seen, it is a little lighter than the original Rocket and is quite legible with fantastic battery life. I did notice though, that the original Rocket had a better display. This is not to say the 1150's isn't nice, but the Rocket was easier on the eye and the text looked more clean. I do prefer the built in modem that will allow me to purchase books without a computer, which will come in handy if I am away from one. It's too bad that when Gemstar took over, smartmedia was a popular removal media choice at the time. I wish it took SD/MMC.

All in all you cant beat this device for it's size and price.
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