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Lilith's Tears - Fantasy, myth and gothic fairy tale for £1.00.

Wrecked on an unchartered island, his ship and crew lost in a storm, Captain Trebane struggles to survive amongst the islandís deadly community of immortals. Beset by the peculiar, dark magic that pervades the jungle, and the curse which has driven its inhabitants to savagery, Trebane discovers that, beneath the islandís tropical beauty, lurks the shadow of an age old evil. Battling to rescue the woman he loves from the cathedral at the islandís heart, he encounters the reclusive skeleton leader of the savages, along with the islandís other strange inhabitants. As Trebane explores, he learns more of the islandís curse, its connections with the Garden of Eden, its history, and the inexorable fate which tugs upon the lives of all its sinister occupants. Severed from the rest of the world, his quest culminates in a battle which will change the lives of the characters forever, and echo through all of time.

Lilithís Tears will immerse readers in the mystical world of the island. Magic and darkness pervade the landmass, with its fabled immortality and the curse that has condemned countless generations to languish there. Adventure, mystery, romance and legend - Lilithís Tears will both amaze and enchant.

ďThis is a strange and violent place.Ē

My novel, Lilith's Tears is available on the Kindle for £1.00 from the store or $1.64 on

Lilith's Tears is fantasy with a gothic twist, filled with myth and magic.
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