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Is auto-relinking a Sigil feature?

I'm trying to make an archived forum into an ePub. The format of the text is much like that of this forum: there's an index that points to threads, and each thread has back links to that index. I've split the work into an html file with the indices (call it forum.html) and the threads into several files (call them forum_00.html through forum_99.html). I've manually adjusted the links so that all the ones that point out of their file use the path name (e.g. href="../Text/forum_12.html#thread-1234"). This all works nicely in a browser.

When I upload the files to Sigil (with or without "cleaning with HTML TIDY"), all the links are changed: they're all reduced to local links (e.g. href="#thread-1234"). As a result, the links in forum.html that pointed to forum_00.html and the links in format_00.html that pointed to forum.html are all broken. When asked to follow these links, eBook readers silently do nothing.

If I edit the files in Sigil to restore the original href, eBook readers follow the links.

So . . . my question is: is there some way to convince Sigil not to strip file references off the front of links? Or must I manually edit them inside Sigil?

Thanks for thinking about this.
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