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Hi all--

I'm new at ereaders, so I'd appreciate any help. I have a Nookcolor that I rooted and installed Cyanogenmod 7 on. I don't have a SD card in the unit.

Basically, I'm trying to download a book from my library (which uses the Overdrive system) and read it on my Nook. The book is labeled as an Adobe PDF ebook, and the file format that downloads is acsm. I'm able to open it in Adobe Digital Editions without any issues. To make Nook appear in ADE, I have to unmount the Nook's internal storage and then turn on USB storage. That seems to work fine, and I'm able to transfer it over from ADE. The file (in PDF format) ends up in \emmc\Digital Editions on the Nook.

From this point, I'm stumped. I can't open the pdf file in Adobe Reader, and trying to open it in Aldiko gives a SD card error. iReader can't seem to open the file either.

I'd appreciate any guidance on how I can start reading!

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